• Reviewed by: Jamied1114  on: 2016-06-01T04:32:13
    How much is the lunch buffet and the dinner buffet? Also, do you ever have snow crab legs? Thank you
  • Reviewed by: bsperlazza  on: 2016-04-12T13:09:23
    What is the price of your lunch and dinner buffet?Thank you
  • Reviewed by: Novw  on: 2016-03-21T15:01:35
    Price of buffet is a secret?
  • Reviewed by: enavas  on: 2016-03-14T08:40:09
    This is eric navas and we're asking for deez nuts guy
  • Reviewed by: enavas  on: 2016-03-14T08:38:32
    How much does it cost for 3 people to eat in the cheneese restaurant buffet?
  • Reviewed by: enavas  on: 2016-03-14T08:36:01
    What does the fox say
  • Reviewed by: kiparks4  on: 2016-01-10T10:18:30
    Your coupons expired Oct 31th, 2015 :-(
  • Reviewed by: glenda.pollard  on: 2015-11-07T08:39:36
    How much are your buffet and do you'll carry crab legs on your buffett.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2009-05-31T00:00:00
    My husband started taking me here in 5/05 when the buffet was $5.00 per person & they were in a small building. We ate there twice a week. They moved to a new building a couple doors down & the price went up to $8.00 per person. which is ...?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2009-02-26T00:00:00
    I like going there a lot cause there is a real good variety to choose from. The fried chicken is good and tasty and the egg rolls are great. Also you get a free drink along with your meal. The service is good as well. ...?
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